Weed (www.weedshare.com) is a new web network designed at giving
music lovers new options in downloading files and sharing them (yes, file
sharing).  Weed has sprung up as an alternative to downloading and
purchasing music on the Internet......and legally.

Download the music below and save it to your computer.  All files are in
Windows media player format. You can listen to it 3 times and if you like it
you will be prompted to purchase the tune, which is cool because Weed
will give you $5 for opening account.

Once files are purchased you can do whatever you want with them, as
long as they are for your own personal use and not distributed outside of
the Weed network of course.  Once you understand more about Weed and
how it works, you wont want to remove them from the network.  You can
post them elsewhere and SELL them.  For more details on Weed,
downloading or if you're having problems check the
instructions page.  

Below are the files we have or will have available on the Weed network.  

Certain files are also available for download and burning to CD on other
digital music distributor sites listed at the bottom of this page!

Any Q's?
House of The Old Rave
- #5 on the Weed network for the
week of April 19, 2004!!
Unrelated The Mix
Into Night
S'all Good
All Night
Days and Days
Dreamin' in the Minor Of A Major
The 14th Day
Comping In The A
All Titles below Are From the Lost
verse and are available through
The Lost Verse: Part 1
Time Of Passion
All The Time
Just Do The Thang
Into The Dark
Dawn Of Dusk (Remix)
Cant Get Enough

Weed Share
- #1 on the Weed network for the week of March 29, 2004!!