Description of Weed and download instructions

Weed ( is a new web network designed at giving
music lovers new options in downloading files and sharing them (yes, file
sharing).  Weed has sprung up as an alternative to downloading and
purchasing music on the Internet......and legally.

Heres what you do (and we strongly advise that you read through
everything before attempting to download):

1-Create a new folder on your computer system (Drive C, D or whatever).
Call that folder whatever you want. BUT REMEMBER ITS NAME AND
WHERE IT IS ON YOUR COMPUTER!!!  Of course, if you feel you aren't very
good with adding files, folders, software or downloading components to
your computer PLEASE get someone with some knowledge of computer
systems to do this for you.  Most people who have had experience with
downloading files and software from the Internet should be OK.  We
( cant assume any responsibility for something on your
system getting screwed up.

2-Download music from this site (or from Weed) and save it to the folder
you just created on your computer.

3-You will be allowed to play that song 3 times for free. The 4th time you
try to play it you will be asked to pay for it (don't get on).

Important Note: When you click on a weed file your media player may tell
you that you need to upgrade your version of the media player. You may
need the latest version of
Windows Media Player to play this music. Its a
FREE download from Microsoft, Inc., which will upgrade your current
Windows media player. A few other media players can work as well.

All music on the Weed network is formatted for Windows Media Player (the
music files are wma files). Once files are purchased you can do whatever
you want with them, as long as they are for your own personal use and not
distributed outside of the Weed network of course.  Once you understand
more about Weed and how it works, you wont want to remove them from
the network.

You can burn them to CD, make mp3 files, make wav files or leave them
on you computer as is, its up to you. Once you convert the files to CD, wav
or mp3 just about any old media player will play them (RealOne, Windows
Media Player, QuickTime, Jukebox, etc.). Burning CDs will allow them to
be played on conventional CD or DVD players, but you know that.

OK, now heres the sales pitch and whats so unique about Weed:

Once you've purchased a weed file you're free to market it and SELL it
yourself. All money goes into your Weed account.  You get a cut of what
you sell (20% of sales price), and if anyone else sells it that purchased it
from you, you get 10% or so of their sales. Basically its a pyramid for
selling music. Check out the Weed site for clarification.

4-To purchase a file you will need to set up an account with Weed by
downloaded their software to purchase (don't get nervous). You'll need to
Weed Media Activator 2.0 (don't get nervous).  The folder the activator
installs itself in should be different from where you stored the music files.

Once you've installed it, you'll have to create a username and password. It
will ask you for a valid email address (don't get nervous), this is for
sending you a welcome note and to allow you to set up a Pay Pal
( account (don't get nervous) if you decide you want to
do business. You don't have to set up a Pay Pal account, but its free and
its a nice way to do business over the Internet.

For opening a Weed account the system GIVES you $5 to make you first
purchases and get you started. So buying 5 files (most files cost $1) is
FREE to you. After that $5 you get, you'll need to put money into a Pay-Pal
account to continue doing business (for adding or withdrawing money).
See the Weed site for details.

5-Choose the where you want the software to store your music (the folder
you created earlier).

6-To make a purchase simply hit "Buy Files" and the software will look for
"un-purchased" Weed files in the folder you created. Its simple! Let us
know if you have questions!! If you have problems downloading the Weed
activator please contact Weed directly.