We have released DJ Tae's mini-CD "S'All Good" through several
online distributors. S'All Good contains "Adycted", "House of the
Old Rave", "All Night" and "Into Night".  These titles can be found
on this website by clicking "Get Music".

This is the first of three mini-CDs from DJ Tae that will be available
only through the internet. The 2nd release "The Lost Verse" (CD
title subject to change) will be available in Spring 2005.  

Titles included in this release are "Days and Days", "Dawn Of
Dusk", "Cant get Enough", "Time Of Passion" and "Infatuation"
among others. Some of those titles are available as singles on this
site. Other titles will be released with the CD.

Additional information will be posted as it becomes available.

Please check back and enjoy!