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Below are preview/demo clips of whats in
"The Lab" right now and will be available
shortly. These demo clips are 30 second to
slightly over a minute with fades.

Some full versions are available below as
well. These either have been released or
will be released shortly. Some additional
clips will be added periodically as projects
are completed.

These clips should open in Windows Media
or Real One Players.

Demo Versions:
Freedom (Remix)
S'All Good (Remix)
Infatuant (Remix)
Ya Know
The Now
Full Versions:
Time Of Passion (4:22)
Cant Get Enough (4:24)
Dawn Of Dusk (2:58)
Into The Dark (2:52)
Come To Me (3:42)
Just Do The Thang (3:26)
Days And Days (3:45)
Adycted (3:30)
Thats Right (3:30)
All Night (Remix) (3:55)
Thats Right (Remix) (3:30)